Jennifer Xerri, Founder & Owner

Jennifer was introduced to knitting/crocheting at age 6 by her grandmother Lily.  She learned by sight and lived with her grandmother for many years as her live-in caretaker....
StarLily Creations was inspired by my Grandmother, Nana Lela.
Her name in English is Lily. I learned how to knit and crochet at the age of 6 thanks to her. She was my greatest source of inspiration and was overjoyed at how quickly I was able to learn, she even said to me as she observed my lightening fast quickness with my crocheting... "one day this will take care of you" she saw something in me, a potential I was unaware of until much later in my life.

But my Nana Lela didn’t just teach me a skill, she gave me a tremendous gift of love and confidence... learning this hands on skill early in life from her was what gave me the strength to endure a rough childhood of bullying and hardships at home... she mentored me and taught me patience and living with her was my safe haven, my idea of fun was making up button games and listening to my nana's stories of the old country, Malta as we crocheted together.


It wasn’t until a few years ago,  burnt out by almost 10 years working in hospitality/retail, that I rediscovered my crafty side by going through my memory boxes and finding all my supplies that were packed away for when I wasn't too busy. I hadn't realized it had been several years since I last picked up my knitting needles.

I found my knitting bag my Nana bought me with all her knitting needles and crochet hooks. I sat in her favorite chair and I felt the magic come back to me! I reconnected and sparks of ideas started flowing in.  I finished some old projects and gave them away, and it wasn't long before a magical whirlwind catapulted me into the art fair circuit!  It was never planned, I simply followed a nudge, a whisper in my ear... call it my gut, intuition, or maybe it was my Nana Lily whispering in my ear "you need to do this"  I never could of imagined where this path has taken me and I am truly blessed to live off my art!

I believe art in my blood; since we are Maltese it is in us to create. The Maltese people in general are very crafty. The men are carpenters, sculptors, painters, and glassblowers. The women knit, crochet, make lace, and sew without patterns. It is very natural for me to continue this legacy of my ancestors, who are famous for their creative abilities with their hands.

My mother is a seamstress and also taught me how to sew, she is also a great teacher in my life, and is also blessed with the Maltese magic! I recall sewing alongside her for hours, digging through her barrel of scraps and notions. I became addicted to buttons,  especially vintage finds, which I now add to every one of my scarflettes.

Today, I have turned these lessons into a business and I work the art fair circuit consistently as the designer behind Starlily Creations Studio.  I named my business after my teacher, and greatest mentor in life, Lily.  All patterns are my own design and I use grandmother’s favorite stitch in many of my creations.

Starlily Creations is now a tribute to my creative self that got lost in the shuffle of life, and to my Nana Lela, who still guides me to this day.  I know she is with me and smiling down on me, no matter how hard things get I hear her say in my heart of hearts... "Don't Worry" She is an angel, and calmed my soul as a child and I know that she is there wanting me to know she's proud of me and that I'm never alone.  It is through my crocheting that I feel this magic connection with her to this day... she could not read, write or speak English, so I learned hands on by sight and spent countless hours every day learning from her.  I approach my craft from a very heartfelt space as a result, I sometimes even ask her to help me dream up new designs that will sell!


My mission is to create fun versatile works of wearable art!  

Each scarflette I create is uniquely one-of-a-kind.  I have consistently worked the art fair circuit in Michigan for several years now, and as I shared my work, my line of goods have evolved.  I enjoy mixing color, texture, and exotic fibers  in many different ways to dazzle the eyes and warm the soul!

Since a good part of the year in Michigan is grey and cold, I am inspired by using a wide variety of colors and fibers...  there is no shortage of color therapy in my fun creations!  Boho-chic & vintage flair is part of my personality and style, which I infuse into each of the items I lovingly create...one stitch at a time!  I enjoy creating my own patterns and design things that I would love to wear; I love to demonstrate the versatility in my pieces and enjoy helping women find that perfect gift or something fun for themselves, sometimes they insist on buying one right off my neck!  It delights me when women get excited about my work and keeps me excited and innovative with my creativity!